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Aaron Ackerman
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Beverly Ackerman (Mother)
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Will Shadley

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Aaron Ackerman is the main protagonist in the episode "Spaceman".

Aaron is a young boy who has a huge interest in space travel. His mother told him to go make new friends instead of staying indoors. Aaron walked up to two boys with skateboards and asked them if they were into space travel, but they had no idea what he was talking about. When Aaron was called on by Mrs. Hollinger she asked him if he was into space travel holding a toy space helmet with a two-way intercom from 1959. Aaron was allowed to have the space helmet for free. Back at home, Aaron was washing off the space helmet.

Later That Night, The space helmet begins to turn on by itself (Even when it has NO batteries) then it started speaking "Space Commander 1 to Space Commander 2 Do You Read Me?".

The Next Morning Aaron tried telling his mother and father (Nathan Ackerman) that the toy turned on by itself, but his parents think that because he's not making any friends he's imagining all that in his head. Aaron went over to Mrs. Hollinger's house and told about the helmet turning on by itself, but NO batteries. Mrs. Hollinger saying that that's ridiculous, but guessed that it might have been another spaceman (Due to a young man using his imagination) she told Aaron that if it beeps again don't answer it.

Once Aaron got back to his room the helmet turned on with Space Commander 1 trying to contact with Aaron, but when Aaron called for his parents they arrived, but the helmet turned off. When they left the helmet turned back on Space Commander 1 told him that the mission is confidential saying that he's stuck on a dark planet and is in need of help Aaron agrees to accept the mission Space Commander 1 then gave Aaron the address. 

As Aaron traveled the neighborhood Space Commander 1 said he was getting close to the destination. Once Aaron arrived at Mrs. Hollinger's house he was unsure of the destination at first, until Space Commander 1 said that all enemies have been destroyed.

Once Aaron arrived into the attic he was shocked to see the skeleton of Mrs. Hollinger's son. Where Mrs. Hollinger's son says that his mother was trying to abandon him and that she canceled the space program. Once Mrs. Hollinger told Aaron that he should leave Aaron decided to stay and play spaceman with Mrs. Hollinger's son everyday.

Director's Cut

  •  Aaron was forced to travel through outer space forever with Mrs. Hollinger's son.
  •  Aaron even asked Space Commander 1 how could they communicate if Aaron's space helmet didn't have any batteries. Space Commander 1 said that it was top secret.