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Abigail Raven
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Prior to 2011

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Drift Store Owner


The Raven's Chest

Behind the Scenes
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Emmanuelle Vaugier

First Appearance

The Red Dress

Last Appearance

The Red Dress

Abigail Raven is one of the characters from the episode "The Red Dress".

Abigail Raven is the blind owner of a drift store called "The Raven's Chest" to where she collects (or steals) things that belonged to other people (for revenge of stealing from her).

She met with Jamie and Nicole when Jamie wondered how much the red dress that is in the store costs. Abigail responded $400 as she explains to Jamie that you must pay for the things you want in life.

Later that night Abigail noticed that someone is in her store when it was closed warning the intruder that they must pay first before taking an item from her store. As she hears Jamie's footsteps she goes after her, but realizes that Jamie has escaped and closed the door telling herself that "She'll pay".

As days went by Abigail began stalking Jamie all around the town. At the ballroom dance Abigail began to creep Jamie out by getting closer to her and was able to capture Jamie in her room after freaking her out at the ballroom dance. At the end of the episode it's revealed that Abigail had not only taken Jamie's glasses away from her, but also her vision/eye sights. Now Abigail can see, while putting Jamie's glasses into one of her display cases she smiles and says "Everyone must pay." which will haunt Jamie forever.and very likely teach her not to steal things that don’t belong to her.