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Alex is the main protagonist from the episode "Sick."

Alex was a young boy who recently caught a really bad fever.

Despite his mom leaving him a note telling him to stay in bed (while she goes out to buy some medicine), Alex decides to goof around and do everything a kid would love to do when their home alone. Soon, he starts to see and hear things which are very strange. Alex tries to sneak outside to get some fresh air, but the door seems to be blocked with a huge supply of plastic wrapping.

He tries to escape but the unseen guys in protected white biohazard suits (and wearing masks) have wrapped the whole house in plastic! Alex overhears one of them talking on the phone mentioning the word 'Quarantine', and all of a sudden a giant slimy octopus-like creature almost attacks him on the walls. He tries to lock himself in his room, but suddenly the TV turns on all by itself and tells him that the government is not quarantining him, but the strange alien creature that's invading his home- and that Alex needs to kill the monster before it grows bigger... In order to save himself and his mother, Alex uses some kitchen utensils to fight off the alien, but outside the house the government members unleash their weapons by pumping poisonous gas inside the house, knocking out both him and the alien.

Alex is soon awakened by his mother and tells her everything that happened, but Mom tells him that he was only having a 'Fever dream'. Alex is relieved until the TV turns back on again, now telling him that the government is still making him believe he had a 'Fever Dream' by attempting to get Alex to quit fighting the alien's mutated virus. Alex is in shock and doesn't know what to believe, until he looks out the window again (in renewed horror) to see that the government is now about to explode their house again with both him and his mom inside so they can now get rid of the slimy creature that made him sick.