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Family Information
Family Members

Charles (Father)
Donna (Mother)
Pete (Brother)



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Jodelle Ferland

First Appearance

"My Sister the Witch"

Last Appearance

"My Sister the Witch"

Alice is one of the main characters in the episode "My Sister the Witch".

Alice is a teenage witch who went to boarding school to learn about magic.

One day, while she was riding a horse Alice fell off. It first seemed like a regular accident but then she meet another beginner's witch named Enid who told her she was cursed. Alice suspects that it is a Saired Curse, a curse that is said to first start with misfortune, and then steals wealth, health, sanity, and finally life. She also suspects that whoever cursed her also cursed her family.

Alice attempts to save her family by performing a reverse spell. However, her plans are ruined when her younger brother Pete, mistakes her for being a bad witch and burns her spell book The Grimoire.

When Alice tells Pete they've been cursed, Pete asks her who and why would anyone do that to them. She believes it was someone who held a grudge on one of them leading her to suspect Pete's best friend Reggie, because he is often jealous of Pete (and his boy scout badges) and was the one who accused Alice of being an evil witch.

Alice and Pete trick Reggie into letting them sneak in a cabin where Alice can perform a revealing spell in order to find out who cursed them.

Alice is shocked when the culprit turns out to be Billy Merrit, a warlock who vowed revenge after Alice read one of his love-notes out loud so he would leave her alone. After a short magical battle, Alice turns Billy into a toad defeating him.