Alice Clairbone
Alice Clairborne
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unnamed brother (deceased)

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Kirsten Robek

First Appearance

" Ghostly Stare "

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" Ghostly Stare "

Alice Claiborne is the villain from the episode "Ghostly Stare".

Alice appeared in the cemetery at night and offered to help Lauren find her missing younger brother, Mark. Before Alice and Lauren continued their search Alice told Lauren that if she doesn't find Mark before the break of dawn then he would be dead and the ghost (that's been following Lauren) would become a permanent part of her family.

When they arrived at a grave Alice told Lauren to move closer and closer, until it was revealed that Alice tricked her into falling into her grave, but Lauren was able to get out. Alice then began to chase Lauren until she fell into a coffin.

Before dawn, Alice, the Headless and the wormy ghost all surrounded Lauren then later apologized for their behavior last night (because of the relocation of their cemetery). Finally, Alice thanked Lauren for putting up with them for the night and told her to try to put up with her "new brother" as she gave a scary chuckle and vanished. In the twist ending, she kills Lauren and impersonates her by mimicking her voice.

Power and abilities

Alice Claiborne is a shape-shifting female ghost with an ability to change her appearance at will and thereby assume the form of living beings, especially humans. Like Mystique from X-Men, she can also alter her voice to duplicate exactly that of another person.

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