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Alien Candy
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date February 19, 2011
Written by Melody Fox
Directed by Neill Fearnley
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Alien Candy is the tenth episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series. It is based on the story of the same name from Nightmare Hour.


A nerdy sixth grader who believes in extraterrestrials joins a club for others who believe in aliens -- and finds himself right on the menu for them.


Walt (a sixth grader who is obsessed with aliens) and his best friend, Tim are bullied by football player, Dwayne. After both him and Dwayne get in trouble with the lunch lady for causing a disturbance in the lunch room, Walt hides from him and his friend only to be confronted by two strange teenagers named Bonnie and Greg who ask him to join their "secret" alien club, he accepts after they ask him if he would like to meet a real alien. The two tell him that he needs to eat mysterious jellybean-like candy because it will let him communicate with more aliens telepathically with messages.

However, it turns out that Bonnie and Greg are real aliens that only wanted Walt to join so they can eat him and the candy is used to help digest him easier they show up at his house and Bonnie puts the blue orb next to his face and down his body while Greg gets a needle he takes off walts sock and gives him the shot in his foot after saying he is suitable for digestion Bonnie and Greg the turn into aliens Greg grabs walts foot and eats his toe Greg realizes that Walt is actually a redhead with dyed black hair, and because they're allergic to redheads, they decide to eat Tim instead and give him all the candy.

The next day Walt believed it was just a dream- only to find the fifth toe on his right foot bitten clean off. Walt then finds out that Tim is in danger and sets out to save him from the aliens. That night, Walt and Tim both manage to escape into the school kitchen to escape their chase-scene. They defeat both the aliens by throwing salt at them, which absorbs their bodies and melts the alien's skin into green goo. The-lunch lady accidentally puts the alien’s melted-up bodies in the school's homemade chicken nuggets. After all the students realize that nuggets tasted different today, Walt and Tim discover why and they scream in horror.


Differences from the story

  • The plot of the story is much simpler: It takes place in one day as Walt is quickly eaten by the aliens at the end of their first meeting. Everything else was made up for the episode.
  • In the story, the candy is eaten by the aliens to help them transform.


  • Baljodh Nagra won a Young Artist Award for his performance of Tim in this episode.
  • Jessica Mcleod was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her portrayal of Bonnie in this episode.
  • This is the first of many episodes to be written by Melody Fox.



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