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Allan Miller
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Mackenzie Gray

First Appearance

" Brush with Madness "

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" Brush with Madness "

Allan Miller is the famous artist and main antagonist of the episode "Brush with Madness".

Allan Miller is a famous artist who detest crazy fans that freak him out (which is the main reason why he doesn't do conventions anymore). When Corey told Allan Miller that "He follows him," Allan Miller grabbed his coat and told his Bodyguard it was time to go because Corey freaked him out (which Emma told him not to do in the first place). Allan told Corey to stay away from him. Corey tried to tell him that he forgot his brushes, but his bodyguad told him to stay away from Allan or they'll get a restraining order.

At the end of the episode Allan Miller was seen painting the last panel of his "new" comic book "Brush with Madness". The Panel showed animated images of Emma and Corey screaming as The Mad Artist was about to cut them both in half, as he said to himself that that was the end of his new comic book. The Bodyguard entered and asks if he was finally done with his new comic about the crazed fan, Corey and to think if Corey will be able to read it and someday make his own story. Allan says that he's finally got it out of his system, but claims that Corey will never read his new comic as he places the new comic in the paper shredder, as he can hear Corey and Emma scream as they become shredded with the comic book.


  • It's implied that Allan Miller resembles to the Villain "The Mad Artist".
  • It's also implied that Allan Miller has the power to put people from reality into his new fictional comic books and put them in the paper shredder, killing his crazy fans (so that he won't be bothered by them ever again).