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Biographical Information

Prior to 2011


October, 31, 2011





Cause of Death - Decapitated and head replaced with pumpkin

Family Information
Family Members

Mother, Scott (Brother, deceased), Dave (Brother)



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Kacey Rohl

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Last Appearance


Allie is one of the main characters in the episode Pumpkinhead.

Allie is a responsible teenage girl who is usually put in charge of her younger brothers Scott and Dave.

On Halloween Allie is put in charge of the house when her mom has to work the night shift. Scott promises Allie that if she takes him and Dave to a farmers forbidden pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, he won't bother her and her friend Patty when she visits. This convinces Allie, she then gives in and drives the boys to Farmer Palmer's farm. Allie finds Palmer's farm creepy upon arrival. After Scott and Dave wander around finding really strange areas such as a barn with a disturbing collection of pumpkin headed dummies and a 'protected' pumpkin patch, Allie wanted to leave as soon as possible. Farmer Palmers finds her, Scott and Dave wandering around and tells them in a suspiciously threatening nature to never come back or they'll be sorry. Allie let Scott and Dave bring some pumpkins before quickly leaving. Unknown to them, they were being watched and followed.

When they got back home, her friend Patty can't come and visit because her parents don't want her outside after dark. During pumpkin carving, Dave was scooping out some pumpkin guts, but he found some worms causing everyone to scream and recoil. Allie thought it was another one of Scott's prank to do that, but he didn't do it. Scott carves the next pumpkin, and sees nothing, but he sees a tooth, but Allie thinks it's a weird looking seed.

That night after trick or treating in a school cafeteria, Scott asks her to drive him back to Palmer's farm to have a better time, but Allie made it clear that they would never go back there.

Allie later watches a monster movie marathon with Dave while waiting for Scott makes popcorn. She wonders why Scott is taking a long time to bring the popcorn. Allie walks in the kitchen to check up on him, but he is nowhere to be found. She assumes Scott ignored her earlier and went back to Palmer's farm. Allie and Dave drive back to the farm to pick him up before he gets them in trouble.

Allie finds out that Farmer Palmer took the three kids who trespassed on his farm the previous year, beheaded them and replaced their heads with pumpkins and turned their heads into pumpkins. To Allie's horror she finds that the same thing happened to Scott (who was kidnapped by the pumpkin heads because they were mad at him for throwing out regular pumpkins) and now that she is surrounded by Farmer Palmer and his Pumpkin headed monsters, she realizes that she's next and screams in horror.