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Amelia is a main character in the episode "Dreamcatcher".

Amelia is a very nice girl who used to be friends with Meg during their first summer at Camp Pine Mountain, until she realized how conceited and anti-social Meg was. She is now good friends with Lisa which doesn't suit well with Meg.

For a Pine Mountain tradition, Amelia makes a dream catcher, a circular framed net with a hole in the center that is used to help block bad dreams. Later that night, she has a nightmare where she was attacked by an evil spider guy. During a hike, Amelia notices a cave that suspiciously looks like the one from her nightmare, Lisa then tells her that she had the very same nightmare. Soon Amelia and Lisa find out that the cause of their nightmare was Meg cutting their dream catchers out of spite and jealousy. Later, they decide to stop sleeping completely in order to prevent their nightmares.

After staying up for so long, Amelia couldn't help but fall asleep while Lisa went to the bathroom. She is then kidnapped by the evil spider creature from her nightmare named The Dream Catcher. Amelia wakes up trapped in a giant spider-web where The Dream Catcher awaits to eat her. She repeatedly screams for Lisa's help. Lisa comes to her rescue and tries to free her but both of them get stuck. Meg comes and takes Lisa's flashlight leaving them to die, but she too gets stuck. Lisa's alarm clock goes off, saving her and Amelia, leaving Meg (who couldn't get up because she slept in the camp Mess Hall and couldn't hear the alarm) to get eaten, due to Lisa cutting her dream catcher out of revenge.

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