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Amy Kessler
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Amy Kessler is one of the main characters in the episode "Scarecrow".

Amy Kessler works at the Kessler's store. She was first seen reading a poem for her English class that's sad, creepy and beautiful all at the same time. She didn't hear Jenny and Bobby come through the front door when the bell had rang (because she had earphones on). As Amy was reading the poem the mysterious stranger interrupted and spoke the rest aloud telling them that the poem is about the end of the world to where he left Amy some change on the counter to buy some jerky and left.

The next day, Amy entered one of the diners and ordered a bagel, noticing the stranger she met earlier in the episode and sees evil in his eyes. Later on she calls Bobby and tries to explain to him that she has a bad feeling that something is coming. Once she hears a bell tolling she looks up and see The Scarecrow on top of a church, frozen in fear.


  • Later on, Bobby finds her cellphone (going to voicemail) lying on the ground unknown of what had happen to her.
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