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Tiera Skovbye

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"The Dead Body"

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"Dead Bodies"

Anna Travis-Murray is a minor character in the episode "The Dead Body" and later become the main protagonist of this sequel episode "Dead Bodies".


Anna is Will's friend who seemed to have a bit of a crush on him.

At a field trip, Anna, Will and two bullies named Travis and Chang discovered a dead body in the buses. Anna then tells their teacher Mr. Sadigh about it. However, Will shows up and tells her that the body was fake just playing a revenge prank on Travis and Chang. Anna was relieved and impressed that Will actually got back at the bullies. Will then asked her out to the upcoming spring fling; Anna said yes but their moment is cut short when they hear Travis screaming in terror.

The next day Anna's friends tell her that Travis won't come back to school because of the prank. She then Will and asks him what really happened out there. Will tries to convince her that he and a new kid Jake Skinner only wanted to scare him and Chang, but upon hearing Jake's name, she is confused saying he doesn't exist.

At the dance, Anna was waiting (possibly a long time) for Will, but he wouldn't show up. She had finally assumed that Will didn't share her feelings and decided not to go. That's when Jake introduced himself and asked Anna if she wanted to dance. Anna saw a kinder and more honest person in Jake and agreed to dance.

Unknown to Anna, she was completely wrong about both Will and Jake.

Jake, having tricked will into dying in his place in a fire in the 1960s, has a curse placed on him by the Grim Reaper, which causes his flesh to rot until he decays into nothing. However, Jake comes up with a plan: trick Anna into dying in his place just like he tricked Will.

During a date with Anna in the woods, Jake explains his situation to her (by showing her his rotting face), but she is horrified by him and wants to be taken home. He berates he, calling her shallow, which almost causes her to accept the deal, but then, Will, who has found the power to fully materialize in the human world out of his love and protective instincts for Anna, breaks it up and gets in a fist fight with Jake. Jake loses when Anna hits him in the ribs with a tree branch.

After that, the Grim Reaper reappears and drags a screaming Jake to the underworld for his crimes. Will is then granted his life back by an angel. Will and Anna drive out of the woods in Jake's car, the two heading off so Will can be reunited with his parents and the two starting a new phase in their relationship.