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Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Nicholas Elia

First Appearance

"Catching Cold"

Last Appearance

"Catching Cold"

Ari is a minor character in the episode "Catching Cold".

Ari is a good friend of Marty's. Ari greets Marty on the streets when Marty asks him if he saw mysterious ice cream truck. Ari tells him that he didn't see or hear the truck, which confuses Marty. A Post-man overhears Marty and Ari's conversation about Kreamy Kold, and tells them that when he was a kid he knew a boy named Jimmy Jeffries who got into the truck and the next day he was gone. Ari thinks the whole story is ridiculous.

The next day, Marty tells him that he woke up in the middle of the night hearing pop goes the weasel and discovered the Kreamy Cold truck leaving him an ice cream cone on his doorstep. Ari doesn't believe him and suggest taking ice cream off his mind by inviting him to the mall, but Marty decides to stay in the neighborhood just in case the truck comes back.

Ari begins to worry about Marty when all he ever talks about is ice cream and starts to act like a jerk. Marty later sells Ari a bike his father gave him, finally earning money to buy some Kreamy Kold ice cream, he never saw Marty again after that.

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