Bad Feng Shui
Season 2, Episode 9
THH Bad Feng Shui
Air date November 26, 2011
Written by Melody Fox
Directed by James Head
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Bad Feng Shui is the ninth episode of the second season of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series.


A Chinese American girl named Jessica Chen and her mother's strained relationship with each other gets worse when the girl rearranges the feng shui in her room and conjures up demons who possess her mother.


A Chinese American girl named Jessica Chen who doesn't care for her Chinese culture ignores her mother. When she ditches her mother at Chinatown her mother buys her many items that bring good feng shui. When her daughter gets home to what she thinks is a horrible surprise she breaks everything and throws it out her window. But one thing stands in her room. A cabinet with a snake on it. Later at night when Jessica is in her bed, sleeping, a snake slithers out of the cabinet and transforms into what looks like a demon with snake skin.

When Jessica wakes up, her mother wasn't herself. She soon finds out that the demon has possessed her body. Her friend rings the doorbell and her mother answers. When her mother neglects Jessica's friend, she ends up goes over to the window. They talk for a second. Jessica telling her friend a horrible story. Then they come up with a plan. Jessica and her friend fix all of the broken items and Jessica brings them back in the room. Jessica then walks through the house until she finds the demon. She screams at it then begs for her mother back. She remembers her mother loves it when she plays a violin and begins playing a song.

The demon runs through the house trying to escape the sound and finally slithers back into the cabinet closing the door behind it. The mother is back and the two hugs each other. They both make promises of improvement.



The Haunting HourS2E9 - Bad Feng Shui

The Haunting HourS2E9 - Bad Feng Shui

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