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Becky is the main character in the episode, "The Girl in the Painting."

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Bailee Madison

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The Girl in the Painting

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The Girl in the Painting

Becky was making a collage of what her room would look like. This inspired her because her best friend has a perfect room. However, her mother couldn't afford anything, even after getting a new job, and the reason her friend's room is perfect is because her parents have a chain of dry cleaners and make money.

Later, while taking out the trash, Becky notices a beautiful painting and dusts it off. She takes it with her and puts it into her room. However, her mother tries not to approve of it.

After Becky sleeps through a whole night after doing her homework, she wakes up and notices that the painting is different than how it looked then. The girl in the painting, who was sitting in her chair looking at her window, is now standing next to her clock, which now shows a different time (a quarter to six).

Becky thought at first that her mother had something to do to the painting, but then believes that this is no ordinary painting. However, whenever Becky isn't looking at the painting, a giant lizard's eye is always seen peering at her through the window hungrily.

Thinking that the painting is magic, Becky tries on a beautiful dress from her closet. Knowing of Becky's obsession, her mother believes that things have gone way out of hand, and she suggests taking it out of her room. Becky protests, saying that she'll do the dishes for her.

One night, while sleeping, The Girl in the Painting calls Becky to come into the painting through the closet. She does so, and suggests she stay in there, wanting a perfect life. Fifteen minutes pass in the painting, and the girl says it's feeding time. She pulls the lever next to the clock, the whole ceiling opens up and a giant lizard monster (the owner of the eye from earlier) lashes out and devours Becky.

The girl's mother comes into the room and says that it isn't their fault the monster has such an appetite, straightening things up. "It's just the way [their] world is painted," she says, "It's us or them." She also believes that the people who see the painting are fools, that they don't always remember that things are not as they appear. The girl returns to her normal position after her mother leaves, reflecting her words.