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Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Ricardo Hoyos

First Appearance

"The Black Mask"

Last Appearance

"The Black Mask"

Bill is one of the main protagonist in the episode The Black Mask.

Known to be handsome, troublesome and daring, Bill was the one who broke into the house with his library card. He was also the first to discover the black mask. He was the one who put the post-it note on the board game.

Bill saw the kids dodging the piece of roof, and he then saw from another angle a masked person looking at him. He wasn't able to quite tell what he saw to his friends Julie and Robbie, so he never really got the chance to put the clues together to notice that the mask was showing the future. Which left him unaware that he and his friends were the kids who were gonna be killed by a roof collapsing on them.

He put the mask back on again and saw a vision that made him wish that he had never discovered the mask. He then persuaded the others that the mask was dangerous. He then realized that when the house was sold, he had to go back in the house and face the mask.