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Anthony gladue Anthony gladue 6 April 2017


Brittany is a girl that is in grade 7 bully's people she throws a Papper at Mr H she's taxing on the phone in classes but gets in trouble her friend named Violet there best friends bully's Jennifer in classes

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IsaiahV17 IsaiahV17 24 March 2017

R.L Stine Wiki

If you enjoy working on this wiki, there's a new wiki all about R.L Stine that is looking for editors with large knowledge about Stine! We need all the help we can get! Thank You! :-)


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Final Fantasy Kirby Final Fantasy Kirby 15 October 2016

The Haunting Hour is rerunning!

It's rerunning this Hallowern on Discovery Family!

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Babyylayla123 Babyylayla123 2 August 2016

vampire night

so there was some vampire coming for us


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AustinDR AustinDR 23 June 2014


Hello, my name is Robinsonbecky.

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Hauntinghour Hauntinghour 20 May 2014

scary things

Hello, my name's taylor, i'm 19 years old and i love so much scary things and scary movies, i adore the haunting hour i don't think about it, i like cassie so much, every time i watch it it makes me feel homesickness, another film that i adore is mostly ghostly, i love halloween, i love pumpkin's and trick or treat, i love ghosts, i love books, i love the styles dark, goth, emo and punk, i love colored extensions, i like them blue, pink, or fuxia. the best part of the HAUNTING HOUR I DONT THINK ABOUT IT its  when cassie fall in love with sean, i 'm waiting to see the second movie of it, i cant wait, especially cause i was born the 31th of  october, i love black nails, and i love love people with white white skins, i wanna live one day in th…

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CGPJR CGPJR 9 March 2013

Top 5 worst episodes

5. Terrible Love

4. The Red Dress

3. Catching Cold

2. Pool Shark

1. Poof De Fromage

What are yours?

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CGPJR CGPJR 9 March 2013

Top 10 creepiest episodes

10. The Dead Body

9. Brush with Madness

8. Scarecrow

7. Scary Mary

6. Mascot

5. Best Friend Forever

4. Pumpkinhead

3. Dreamcatcher

2. Really You

1. The Weeping Woman

What are your 10 top creepiest episodes?

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Eclipse56 Eclipse56 24 January 2013

Ideas For The Haunting Hour

                                             Ideas For The Haunting Hour

Hey guys.  This is just a blog for you and I to vent are creativity for the Haunting Hour.  Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.  Also add possible actors for ideas.

PEST CONTROL: When Buddy inherits a pest control business from his father, he learns that the house he is exterminating isn't quite what it seems.

LUCK OF THE IRISH: A scaredy cat Irish girl Bella (played by Mackenzie Foy) gets bullied by an evil faerie to do his bidding.

ASWANG: Twins Sarah and Richard, attend their grandmother's funeral in the Phillipines.  However when they fly there, they find that the town is inhabitated by body stealing Aswangs.

BABY TEETH: When Desmond gets his teeth pulled, h…

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