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Bobby Curran
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Prior to 2012



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Mother (deceased)

Father (deceased)


Jean-Louis (deceased)

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Quinn Lord

First Appearance

" Poof de Fromage "

Last Appearance

" Poof de Fromage "

  Robert John "Bobby" Curran is one of the male protagonists in the episode "Poof de Fromage".

Bobby and his mother were preparing the arrival of Jean-Louis. When Jean-Louis arrived Bobby gave him the tour until they ended up in his bedroom and heard a noise coming from Jean-Louis's luggage, but was told to go on ahead while Jean-Louis got settled in.

Bobby noticed Jean-Louis searching the house for cracks (because the French people despise cracks). Bobby brought Jean-Louis to a game room to have some fun, but Jean-Louis didn't want to be in the room. During dinner, Bobby and his parents were looking at Jean-Louis while he was playing with his food and left without having anything to eat. When Bobby went into his room he noticed John-Louis sleeping (with his shoes on) and began looking at his luggage, but Jean-Louis told him "Do NOT Do It.".

That night, Bobby noticed Jean-Louis now searching the house with a backlight and a radio. Bobby began following him, until Jean-Louis went into the bathroom with Bobby overhearing Jean-Louis about an alien invasion. Jean-Louis heard Bobby when Bobby bumped into a painting on the wall. Jean-Louis pulled Bobby into the bathroom and confessed that he's an alien but his intentions are actually very peaceful.

Jean-Louis then explains that "Le PDF" (Le Poof de Fromage) has landed and plans to take over the Earth. Once they discovered some Le PDF dropping inside Bobby's home, that might mean that Le PDF aliens have already arrived, so Jean-Louis plans to seal all exits and entrances with tape.

The next day, Jean-Louis figures out that Le PDF was inside Bobby's kitchen cabinet and Bobby explained that Le PDF were just some "Cheese Puffs", but Jean-Louis kept saying that Le PDF were clever and that they needed to be destroyed at all costs.

After Bobby and Jean-Louis destroyed all the cheese puffs they had found in the kitchen, Bobby's parents arrived. They were furious at them for messing up the whole kitchen and had a meeting in the living room. After a while Bobby's dad had enough and decided to send Jean-Louis back to France, but as soon as he opened the front door... Billions of cheese puffs flowed inside the house meaning that Jean-Louis was right, the cheese puffs were the Le PDF aliens after all. Jean-Louis suggested to they should jump out the window, but it was already blocked by all of the PDF aliens covering the whole house. As Le PDF broke through the window and began to flood the house, Bobby finally believed Jean-Louis about the Le PDF aliens but it was far too late. Bobby and the rest of his family and Jean-Louis screamed as Le PDF aliens engulfed them and proceeded to eat them all alive.