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Biographical Information

1997/1998 (as human)


November 2011





Cause of death - "salted" to death by Tim.

Eye Color

Black (alien) Green (Human)

Family Information
Family Members

Unnamed father (fake)


Middle School Student (As Human)


Project Blue Bridge

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Jessica McLeod

First Appearance

"Alien Candy"

Last Appearance

"Alien Candy"

Bonnie is one of the main characters in the episode "Alien Candy".

Bonnie is an alien disguised as a teenage human. She along with her acquaintance, Greg quietly attended Middle School looking for a human to eat. Bonnie helps set up 'Project Blue Bridge', a fake club for those who believe in extraterrestrials where she (and Greg) trick's her victims into eating a jellybean-like candy that helps her digest them.

During lunch, Bonnie overhears a football player named Dwayne bully a kid named Walt, because he was reading a book called The Quest for Alien Contact. Bonnie sees Walt as a potential candidate for her "club".

She and Greg introduce themselves to Walt. Bonnie tells Walt about Project Blue Bridge slowly luring him into the trap when she promises him if he joins, he would meet a real alien as long as he eats the candy.

Eager to eat, Bonnie teleports to Walt's house one night with Greg asking him if he's been eating the candy. She is pleased when Walt says he did eat the candy and paralyzes him with a strange electronic device. When Greg confirms Walt is suitable for digestion, Bonnie takes off her human costume revealing her alien form. However, Greg realized that Walt is actually a redhead with dyed black hair and because their both allergic to redheads, they can't digest Walt, so they leave him be.

Bonnie threatens Walt if he tells anyone she and Greg are aliens they will eat him regardless of their allergies. She then suggests eating Walt's best friend Tim instead. She manages to trick Tim the same way she tricked Walt into joining Project Blue Bridge, except this time she tells Tim that Walt begged her and Greg to let him in the club.

She and Greg meet Tim later that night paralyzing him with their devices. As Bonnie gets ready to eat Tim, Walt comes in using an ax to break a pipe that sprays water on her, temporarily distracting her while he saves Tim. Bonnie chased Walt and Tim in the cafeteria, but she is killed when Tim accidentally threw salt on her, which seeps into her skin, causing her body to dissolve.

Ironically, her melted body is accidentally put in the school's homemade chicken nuggets, and she is eaten by the students.