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Brandon Carbo
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Henry Carbo (Father)
Jill Carbo (Mother)
Lilly Carbo (Sister)




Josh (Really You)

Behind the Scenes
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Connor Price

First Appearance

"Really You: Part 1"

Last Appearance

"Really You: Part 2"

Brandon Carbo is one of the main protagonists in the episodes "Really You".

Brandon cares about his little sister Lilly, but is often frustrated by her and fears that she is spoiled by their dad and in need of self-control. After, supernatural things start to happen around the house that Lilly claims her new doll Lilly D. did, Brandon tells his friend, Josh that he will prove Lilly D. is or isn't alive.

As he tries to record what Lilly D. does in the middle of the night, the camera reveals that she really is alive, but she takes the memory card from it. Confused, Brandon asks his mother, Jill if she was the one who took out the memory card, she takes camera away from him, thinking he was spying on her.

Brandon and Josh take the doll apart and discover words written on the back of her head saying Destroy this Doll. The two try to solve the mystery of the doll once and for all. They find out that Lilly D. is alive after going to the Really You building and meeting The Doll Maker who tells them that all of the dolls have souls and pleased to be who they are, but Lilly D. who didn't want to be a doll herself. The maker tells him to destroy the doll before something horrible happens.

Brandon becomes suspicious when Lilly starts acting different. The next day, he notices that the discarded doll thrown in the trash has Lilly's birthmark on the back of her neck. Puzzled, Brandon shows the birthmark to Jill who is also confused because they've never shown the Really You Company a picture of Lilly from the back.

Brandon realizes that Lilly was literally transformed into a doll and Lilly D. had turned into a human. He tells Jill to not let the trash take the real Lilly, as he chases after the imposter. Brandon is happy to see that Lilly is restored back to her normal self. After a short reunion Brandon, Lilly and Josh chase after Lilly D. the human and try to finally destroy her, but she is then hit by a garbage truck.

Unknown to Brandon, Lilly D. is still alive.