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 Carla is one of the main protagonists in the episode "Seance".

Carla continuously begged her older sister Naomi and Tracey to be in their sleepover and suddenly found out that they were also doing a seance. At first Naomi and Tracey refused to let Carla join (due to her being scared so easily), but they gave her a chance and let her join the seance.

They were in the attic where the seance took place, soon as the seance was over it turns out that the whole thing was a prank on Carla when Dylan was impersonating Cyrus the ghost. Carla then ran into her room in tears and soon fell asleep.

Soon as a noise woke her up she had thought that Naomi and her friends were playing another prank when she looked up and saw Cyrus and screamed.

Near the end of the episode she was shown with her hair messed up and her leg replaced with a wooden one and told Naomi and friends that they're next and soon started laughing at their faces revealing that they whole thing was a huge prank between her and Cyrus. Carla soon told Cyrus to come out of hiding (Because Naomi and her friends didn't believe that she was on this with Cyrus when the whole seance was just a joke) as soon as Cyrus appeared he asked which one of the kids would lend him their leg as he was holding an ax in his hand. 

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