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Cassandra Hobbes is the main villain of the season 2 episode "Headshot."


Cassandra noticed Gracie Wilde and suggested that she try to become the next face of "Teen Teen". Little did Gracie know of Cassandra's evil secret. During a course of days, Gracie becomes vain and arrogant and her picture becomes completely deformed, freaky, and scary.

When Gracie's friend named Lexi realizes this she confronts Cassandra and accuses her of warping Gracie's personality. Cassandra tells Lexi that, even though she took Gracie's picture and offered her encouragement to become the frontrunner to be the next face of Teen Teen magazine, Gracie is "who she's always been" (read: vain, shallow, cutthroat, and willing to cheat) or she would have deleted the headshot and backed out when Cassandra first persuaded her. Lexi deletes Gracie's picture in hopes to save her friend, only to learn that Cassandra was right all along. Gracie had the power all along to back out, and now her human face adorns Cassandra's wall while Gracie has a face even uglier than her head shot.


  • It is implied but not directly stated that Cassandra Hobbes is the Devil in the form of a woman and isn't human.
    Cassandra Hobbes

    Cassandra in her demonic form

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