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Mother, Father


Student (possibly formerly), Clown



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Jake Cherry

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"Afraid of Clowns"

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"Afraid of Clowns"

Chris is the main character in the episode Afraid of Clowns.

Chris is an awkward preteen who has a deathly fear of clowns. Ever since he was little, Chris was weary of clowns and always believed that they were stalking him.

With his 13th birthday coming up, Chris wants to hang out with Danica, his crush. But after she invites him to see "Kaptain Krazee's Clown Show" at the local carnival, Chris turns down her offer. His best friend Finch, who is tired of Chris' phobia of clowns ruining their social lives, tells him there's no logical reason to be afraid of clowns. Yet Chris is still convinced that clowns are out to get him.

As he rides his bike home, Chris notices a car slowly following him, he yells at the unseen driver, demanding a reason for his or her stalking. Much to Chris' horror a gang of creepy clowns step out of the car claiming "they are there for him" and one of them even knew his name. As he ran home, Chris tried to convince his father that clowns were after him, but he doesn't believe him saying clowns entertain people and make them laugh. After finally turning thirteen, Chris decides to face his fears and goes see the clown show with Danica later that night.

During the show, Kaptain Krazee and the other clowns pick Chris to be their special volunteer for the final performance. Chris tries to run away but it is too late, as clowns grab him and trap him in a big jack in the box that they spin around really fast as soon as Chris was trapped in it.

As the clowns open the box, Chris came out with what seemed to be clown makeup stuck to his face. He tried to take it off, but to Chris' horror it wouldn't come off. He gets an unexpected visit from his parents, who reveal that they're both clowns and tell Chris that he is a clown too. All the clowns corner a horrified Chris with new clown clothes, as he is now one of them.


  • It's possible that Chris was forced to become a part of Kaptian Krazees clown show or he may stalk other kids who may become clowns(or Hopefully Neither)
  • The greatest irony is that Chris technically ends up fearing himself.
  • It's possible Chris may have escaped the circus and hides his (as he would see it) deformities with makeup and hair dye