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The Constantine
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Adriana (Niece) Ms. Blazviech (possible Mother) unnamed sibling



Behind the Scenes
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Andrew Kavadas

First Appearance

" Wrong Number "

Last Appearance

" Wrong Number "

The Constantine is a minor character in the episode "Wrong Number".

Steffani and Taylor went over to see The Constantine for help in order to get rid of Mrs. Biazevich's ghost (who continues to haunt them for being mean girls). Constantine then gave the girls leaves to spread around the room to protect them from the ghost.

Once Steffani and Taylor spread the leaves around the room, the plan backfired when the leaves only attracted Mrs. Biazevich's ghost. Mrs. Biazevich found that Taylor has good in her and spares her, while Steffani's rotten to the core and traps her in her cellphone on video mode.

In the end it was revealed that The Constantine, Adriana and Mrs. Biazevich planned the whole thing to teach Steffani a lesson, finally Adriana gives a smile after she deletes the video of Steffani erasing her from existence.