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"Uncle Howee"

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"Uncle Howee"


Cynthia is one of the main characters in the season 3 episode "Uncle Howee".

Cynthia loves this show "The Uncle Howee Show" starring the host himself Uncle Howee and his rabbit friend Loomis. Whenever she wasn't watching "The Uncle Howee Show" she shows off a dull expression on her face, but when she watches the show she shows a happy and joyful one.

Cynthia was tired of her older brother being a bully to her and when she was getting ready to go to bed she started to giggle in the bathroom, then started telling Jared that Uncle Howee's in the house and that he's going to get him, but Jared didn't believe her until Uncle Howee arrived in the living room and created a game to where Jared had to find Cynthia in one minute (Or else) and Cynthia was making it difficult for Jared, who ended up losing the game.

At the end of the episode Cynthia's mother arrived home and asked where Jared was, but ignored her due to her watching "The Uncle Howee Show" Cynthia then told her mother that Jared was on the show and it was revealed that Uncle Howee has turned Jared into a full bodied marionette and Jared waves to the audience as Cynthia waves back at Jared in her amusement while giggling.