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Allie (Sister, deceased)
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Frankie Jonas

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Dave is a main Character in the episode Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinhead: Part 2.


Dave is a boy who loves Halloween and likes to carve really big pumpkins every year.

Dave is disappointed that he only has small pumpkins to carve, so his older brother Scott talks his older Allie into driving them to a farmer's forbidden pumpkin patch to get bigger ones. Upon arriving at Palmer's farm, Dave thinks the place is awesome due to seeing a huge supply of pumpkins. Dave, Allie, and Scott wonder around and find really strange areas like a barn with a disturbing collection of pumpkin headed dummies and a protected pumpkin patch.

Dave's fun is cut short when Farmer Palmer catches him Allie and Scott wondering around and tells them in a threatening nature to never come back or they'll be sorry. Scott doesn't want to leave empty handed and foolishly handed Dave some pumpkins before quickly leaving.

After trick or treating in a school cafeteria, Dave watches a monster movie marathon with Allie while Scott makes popcorn. However, Scott disappeared causing Allie to believe that he went back to Palmer's farm. Allie then drives him back to the farm to pick up Scott. Dave fell asleep in the car waiting for Allie and Scott to come back. He was unaware what was really going on.

In Return of the Pumpkinheads, it's revealed that Dave managed to survive by escaping from the pumpkinheads and reported to the police, resulting in Farmer Palmer's arrest and imprisonment.