Dr. Emile Mangle
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Before the 1950s


Around the 1950s




Deceased (1950s - 2011) Resurrected (2011 - Present)


Evil Scientist

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Matt Angel

First Appearance

Creature Feature

Last Appearance

Creature Feature

Dr. Emile Mangle is the main villain from the 2-part episode "Creature Feature".

Dr. Mangle is a villain from an old 1950s B-movie called "I was a Teenage Tick". He's a mad scientist who created a formula that turns humans into tick monsters; it's revealed that he turned one of his students "Barry" into a tick monster. Later on he captured both John and Margery and was going to turn John into a tick first, but John managed to escape when his friends (Nathan and Lisa) cut the film.

When Nathan and Lisa needed the antidote it was too late for them when Dr. Mangle had captured them. When he ordered Barry to choose Lisa, Margery or Nathan to eat for dinner John came to the rescue and knocked Dr. Mangle unconscious for awhile. After that Mangle decided to turn Margery into a tick, but was killed after Tick John had bit him.

At the end of the episode another trailer popped up about a sequel of the 1950s B-movie "I was a Teenage Tick" revealing that Dr. Mangle has returned from his grave to seek revenge on John.


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