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The Girl in the Painting
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" The Girl in the Painting "

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" The Girl in the Painting "

The Girl in the Painting is one of the characters from the episode "The Girl in the Painting".

The girl in the painting called Becky from her room and asked if she would want to come over to her room. Becky wanted to but didn't know how, until the girl told her to go inside her closet.

As Becky went through the closet she finally got to meet the girl in the painting and her whole room.

As the girl continued to look back at the clock (As it was almost 6:00) she asked if Becky could spend the night. At first, Becky said she couldn't, but changed her mind. The girl then gave Becky a flower as an honor of her visit. Becky suddenly never felt so happy as she thinks that everything in the painting is perfect, but the girl saying that not everything is perfect.

The clock soon strikes at 6:00 as Becky became afraid as to seeing a giant lizard's leg out the window. Becky was going to leave, but the girl told her to stay where she was as she pulled a lever next to the clock and said that it comes at feeding time as she plugged her fingers in her ears and sang to herself to block out the sound of Becky being eaten alive by the giant lizard monster.

The girl's mother came out the door saying that it's not their fault that the monster has such an appetite and quoted "It's us or them". As the girl looked out the window and re-quoted what her mother said and got back into position as she was in the beginning of the episode.

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