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Biographical Information

Prior to 2012



Lives in

Retirement Community





Family Information
Family Members

Harold (Husband)


Retired, Vampire


Shirley (Deceased)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Mary Black

First Appearance

" Grampires (Part 1)"

Last Appearance

" Grampires (Part 2)"

Gladys was one of the antagonists in the two part episode "Grampires".

Gladys was one of the elderly vampires living in Sunset Estates. She and Shirley noticed Walt and his grandchildren Mike and Cristen and was wondering if Walt would invite his grandchildren for a BINGO game, but Walt refused that option.

Later on Gladys and Shirley approached Walt's house with Mike answering the door and was trying to enter the house with Mike's permission by saying that they needed cup of sugar, but was told to ask the other neighbors if they have any.

Mike was on his way to the market and Shirley and Gladys saw him and started to follow him.

With Walt telling Cristen to stay put Gladys and Shirley took her to be used as a BINGO prize.

Gladys was on her way to BINGO, but went back home because she forgot her BINGO cards and was threatened by Walt in order for her husband Harold to give up his grandson, but revealed that her friend Shirley has Cristen.

Later on, Gladys allowed Walt and Mike to play BINGO. As Mike was caught by Harold Gladys told him that Mike was off limits until the BINGO game was over and that their were still 2 hours left till sunrise (When there was actually 1 hour left till sunrise). After Eleanor won the prize Gladys grabbed Mike getting ready to drink his blood Mike then pulled the curtains and all the other vampires (including her) turned to dust.