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Gracie Wilde
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Mrs. Wilde (mother)




Lexi, Dylan, Flynn (All formerly)

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Ariel Winter

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Gracie Wilde is the main character in the episode Headshot.


Gracie is a shy junior high school student who has always felt like a plain girl, especially compared to her popular friend, Flynn.

One day while working at the ice cream parlor, a famous photographer named Cassandra Hobbes, who works for "Teen Teen" magazine, notices Gracie. Cassandra offers her a chance to become the new face of "Teen Teen" and after some thinking, Gracie accepts.

Arriving at the "Teen Teen" building with her best friend Lexi, Gracie meets up with Cassandra, who takes multiple photos of her. Gracie's self-esteem is raised when Cassandra encourages her desire to be the most famous and beautiful teen on the planet. She was completely unaware that Cassandra was secretly planning something evil.

After that day, Gracie's personality changes for the worst. She gets one of her friends, Dylan, in trouble for cheating on a test and also sabotages Flynn's opportunity to be the new face of "Teen Teen" by making her a smoothie which triggers her allergies. On the night of the competition, Gracie refuses to listen to a worried Lexi when she points out that Gracie has changed since Cassandra came into her life and that she also lost a lot of her friends. Gracie thinks Lexi is just jealous and insults her friend by calling her "Butterface", causing Lexi to walk off. Gracie begins feeling guilty but Cassandra manipulates her once again into choosing fame.

Gracie's New & Permanent Face.

The photo from Gracie's headshot turns up deformed, implied to be how she is on the inside. Lexi breaks into Gracie's dressing room and deletes her headshot in an attempt to save her from Cassandra's (who is implied to be the Devil in the form of a woman) long list of victimized teenage girls who have all fallen for her tricks. However, Lexi eventually realized that her efforts were useless because it turned out that only Gracie herself could delete it, but was too shallow and selfish to see that. Now, Gracie wanders the Earth with a new, hideous face uglier than anybody could ever imagine.

Physical Appearance

  • Gracie has olive skin, long black straightened hair down in a half-crown ponytail braid updo, and brown eyes.
  • She is 5'13.