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Grandpa Walt Montgomery
Biographical Information
Lives in

Retirement Community





Family Information
Family Members

Mike (Grandson)
Cristen (Granddaughter)


Retired, Vampire

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Christopher Lloyd

First Appearance

"Grampires (Part 1)"

Last Appearance

"Grampires (Part 2)"

Grandpa Walt Montgomery is one of the protagonists in the 2-part episode "Grampires".

Walt was startled when his two grandchildren Mike and Cristen woke him up and told him that he needed to go for a walk and get some fresh air when he noticed a few elderly people staring at his grandchildren and wanted to pick up the pace. Until he ran into Gladys and Shirley and was trying to keep Mike and Cristen away from them by going back into the house.

Back at home, Walt needed to go to the garage after he received a box full of rodents. When Cristen entered the garage she found out that her grandpa was a vampire, but Walt stopped her from screaming telling her that she won't get hurt. Walt was wondering why Cristen wasn't frightened by him and Cristen was OK with the fact that Walt is her "Grampire", but was more worried about how Mike might react to this.

A few minutes later, Cristen told Walt that she gave Mike a credit card and to go to the market, but then Cristen found out that her grandpa wasn't the only vampire at the retirement community. As Walt and Cristen were on their way Harold stopped them for going to fast and said that if he catches them again there will be trouble.

Walt and Cristen arrived at the market, Walt told Cristen to stay put as he was defending his grandson from the other vampires.

After that, Walt discovered that Shirley and Gladys took Cristen and was using her as a BINGO Prize.

Soon as they arrived at Gladys's house her husband approached wondering if Walt was here to apologize for his bad behavior earlier. Mike insisted that he needed to use the bathroom, until he spotted a room with a chair in a cage. Caught by Harold Walt said he would stab his wife if doesn't release his grandson. Harold gave him up and realized that Shirley has Cristen.

At the BINGO Tournament Walt wanted to play in order to win Cristen back. Walt told Mike to turn the clock handle back one hour while he gave a false BINGO for distraction. Once BINGO was over Walt ducked under the table and Mike pulled the curtains having all the other vampires turned to dust with Cristen killing Shirley herself.

Finally, Walt and his grandchildren were forced to clean the BINGO room by Harold until it was spotless, then Walt was explaining to his grandchildren that tonight was a full moon and that werewolves hated a messy room.