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Biographical Information
Lives in

Retirement Community





Family Information
Family Members

Gladys (Wife, Deceased)


Retired, Vampire

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Ken Camroux

First Appearance

" Grampires (Part 1)"

Last Appearance

" Grampires (Part 2)"

Harold is one of the antagonists in the two part episode "Grampires".

Harold was one of the elderly vampires living in Sunset Estates. He stopped Walt and Cristen for going too fast on the golf cart and said that if he catches them again there will be trouble.

Later on, Harold was wondering if Walt came over to apologize for his rude behavior, but Mike said that he needed to use the bathroom, but caught him peeking into another room with a chair inside a cage and was going to drink him, but caught Walt threatening his wife Gladys that he'll kill her if he doesn't release Mike, so he let Mike go and closed the door.

Harold then caught Mike again ready for a drink, but was told by his wife that Mike is off limits until the BINGO game was over. Harold then gave his BINGO sheet to Gladys due to him disliking the game and went in the hall.

Harold then came back seeing all the vampires turned to dust including his wife and was happy now that he was free from Gladys (no more BINGO nights was one of the reasons). Finally Harold told Walt and his grandchildren to clean the room up until it was spotless.