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Henry Carbo
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Family Information
Family Members

Jill Carbo (Wife)
Brandon Carbo (Son)
Lilly Carbo (Daughter)



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

David Orth

First Appearance

"Really You: Part 1"

Last Appearance

"Really You: Part 2"

Henry Carbo is a supporting character in the season 1 episodes "Really You: Part 1" and "Really You: Part 2".

Henry spoils his daughter Lilly by getting her a "Really You" life-size doll even though they can't afford to do so.

Soon random "accidents" begin to happen; which Lilly is quick to blame "Lilly D." for. Henry believes that Lilly is just too embarrassed to admit to it and tries to get her to apologize to her mother. But Lilly denies everything, saying Lilly D. did it.

He gets a business call and goes to Denver, Colorado to seal a deal. While away, he finds out that Lilly wrote "Bad Girl" on the wall and tells Lilly, over the phone, that she will go see a therapist to help her.

When he gets back, Henry is amazed to find Lilly happy and content. He tells Brandon to stop worrying about Lilly.

The next morning after breakfast, Henry finds Jill holding Lilly D. and tells her that it's impossible for the doll to be Lilly D. but a moment later, the doll changes back into Lilly.

Unknown to Henry, Lilly D. wasn't actually dead.