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Ian Crane
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Name Ian Crane
Role on Haunting Hour Robbie
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4198748/

Ian Crane played Robbie in the episode The Black Mask.

Ian's first word as a child was "Sesquipedalian," which foreshadowed his predilection for awesome verbiage. He started writing short stories when he was only a toddler. Over the past four years, as a part of the VSB mentorship program, Ian has written a full length fantasy novel, adapted Sean Cullen's "Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates" into a screenplay, wrote two novellas (The Hummdinger's Hotel 1 & 2), and this year, has completed his first original screenplay, "The Vile Vikings," which he has already begun shooting. Outside of the mentorship program, he has guest-starred in the TV program "The Haunting Hour," and he has co-starred, co-directed, co-wrote, edited, and produced "Hairy Plotter and the Kidney Stone." Ian has also edited, co-written and co-illustrated a short series of MAD inspired KrAzY magazines, as well as having appeared twice on CBC Radio One's "Wiretap" with Jonathan Goldstein. As well, he has composed and produced an EP (a four track CD) of odd and eclectic songs.