Jacob Blair

Jacob Blair
Jacob Blair.jpg
Name Jacob Blair
Birthplace Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Date of Birth January 26, 1984
Role on Haunting Hour Hiker

Jacob Blair played a Hiker in the season 2 episode "The Most Evil Sorcerer: Part 2."

Jacob Blair is the youngest of three, brother (Adam) and sister (Tracey) and was born in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He grew up on a pig farm just outside of Ponoka, Alberta until the age of six, when his family moved to Red Deer. His mother Deborah, was a nurse; his father Warren was the owner of a telecommunications business. Blair, took to sports and academics all throughout school, specifically excelling in Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Mathematics, English and Sports Medicine. His post secondary education focused on a Commerce degree while attending Red Deer College, but moved to Vancouver to pursue an acting career. In 2004 he attended, and in 2007 graduated from the highly acclaimed theatre training program of Studio 58 at Langara College. With appearances on such TV programs as Bionic Woman (2007), Battlestar Galactica (2007), and The L Word (2008), Blair's first recurring role came with the show Aliens in America (2007) where he played the popular quarterback Dan Archer. Blair also still performs in various theatre productions throughout Canada. Also an accomplished musician Blair studies music theory, while playing classical guitar, bass, and piano. Blair resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with his fiancée, Trisha Rausse.

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