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Linda Tomassone

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" The Red Dress "

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" The Red Dress "

Jamie is the main protagonist in the episode "The Red Dress ". Jamie is a teenage girl who works for a summer and has a crush on a guy named "'Zack'", but gets nervous whenever he's around. She gets jealous when Stella takes him away from her and wants to find a way to impress him.

The next day Jamie and her best friend Nicole walk upon adrift store called "The Raven's Chest" and Jamie saw a red dress that she wanted, but couldn't afford it (when Abigail Raven said it cost $400).

Later that night Jamie tried on the dress and heard Abigail with her walking stick tapping on the ground she panicked and ran out of the store with the dress on.

Returning home Jamie tore off the tag connected to the dress and called Zack to invite him to a movie. After the movie Jamie heard Abigail's walking stick tapping on the ground and ran into her room when she noticed her closet door opening itself she approached and opened the door and saw Abigail in the mirror saying "You Must Pay." causing Jamie to sleep in her closet.

Nicole arrived at her house and Jamie explained to her what had happened last night and figured out that the only reason Abigail was stalking her was because she stole the red dress from her the other day. She went to the drift store to return the dress, until Zack called and invited Jamie to a fancy ballroom dance convincing Jamie to not return the dress.

During the dance between Zack and Jamie, Abigail began stalking her again and scared her as she got closer to her causing Jamie to realize that she should've returned the dress when she had the chance. As Jamie arrived home she was pulled into her room.

Next Day Jamie woke up with Nicole on the phone wandering what happened last night. As Jamie was looking her glasses she suddenly realized that everything was going dark, as she opened her curtains everything is still dark, and it shows Jamie's face, she now has cataracts like Abigail, and Abigail has Jamie's glasses--and can now see again.

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