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Cynthia (younger sister) Mother


Uncle Howee's assistant (Ending)


Uncle Howee

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Liam James

First Appearance

"Uncle Howee"

Last Appearance

"Uncle Howee"

Jared is the main character in the season 3 episode "Uncle Howee".

Events of "Uncle Howee"

Jared wants to go to the movies with his friends, but he has to stay home and watch his younger sister Cynthia until his mother gets back from her late night shift at the hospital, but he had a plan to quickly get his sister in bed so he can sneak off to the movies.

After waiting a few minutes for Cynthia to fall asleep he was finally getting ready to go to the movies, until the TV turned on and Uncle Howee started to speak to him and later appeared in his living room.

Jared tried calling the police only to be prevented by Uncle Howee wearing a 1960s custodian helmet and huge blue phone, Jared is skeptical of Uncle Howee believing him to be an intruder, Jared had no choice but to play a game that Uncle Howee made up. If Jared can find his sister in one minute then he can keep her, but if not he'll have to explain to his mother about the loss of his sister.

After a minute it turns out that Jared had lost the game and getting sick and tired of Uncle Howee's wacky jokes and tricks he admits defeat and decides to be Uncle Howee's assistant on his show.

Jared's mother returns home and was looking for him and Cynthia pointed him out on TV and it was revealed that he was turned into a full bodied marionette by Uncle Howee and waves to the audience much to his mother's shocked expression and Cynthia's amusement, Jared is now Uncle Howee's assistant and is currently apart of "The Uncle Howee Show".

Jared as a full bodied Marionette.