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Jenny is one of the main protagonists in the second season episode "Scarecrow".

Jenny is a little girl who works in a cornfield to sell fruits and vegetables in order for her to buy a computer, but crows that are eating up all the food are preventing that from happening.

Later on, Jenny went to Kessler's Store (the store Amy Kessler works at) with her older brother Bobby as to when she listens to Amy reading a poem she sees a mysterious stranger who interrupted Amy as he spoke the rest of the poem aloud and later sees the stranger leave.

Jenny is then seen getting off the school bus and the stranger following her. Jenny then sees her brother Bobby and ask her what was in the brown bag she was carrying. Jenny lied saying that they were materials for a school project (when it was a scarecrow that the stranger gave to her).

That night, Jenny was putting together The Scarecrow as she was about to get a backbone for the scarecrow she realized the scarecrow is gone. Thinking that Bobby had something to do with it Bobby found out that Jenny had taken the scarecrow from the stranger, but didn't tell their parents.

The next day, Jenny realizes that there are no crows in the cornfield, but also realizes the scarecrow was placed above the cornfield wondering how it got there, Bobby thinks that a bunch of neighbor kids were messing with them.

Jenny then calls Bobby to let him know that the scarecrow was gone and was wondering if Bobby took it, Bobby then told Jenny to go inside the house and lock the doors (as to seeing the stranger driving off). Jenny was then running through the cornfield screaming in horror as she keeps running into the scarecrow.

Jenny finally exited the cornfield, but sees the vehicle the stranger drives and runs into the house and ran to the phone to call for help until she sees a trail of straw as Jenny dropped the phone, ran to the front door and whimpered as she saw the scarecrow standing in front of her.


  • It's unknown to what had happened to Jenny near the end of the episode.