Jill Carbo
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Henry Carbo (Husband)
Brandon Carbo (Son)
Lilly Carbo (Daughter)

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Alisen Down

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"Really You: Part 1"

Last Appearance

"Really You: Part 2"

Jill Carbo is one of the main protagonists in the season 1 episodes Really You Part 1 and Really You Part 2". She is portrayed by Alisen Down.

Really You

Jill is shown to be really annoyed by her daughter Lilly Carbo's spoiled nature, especially after Henry agrees to purchase her a deluxe "Really You" doll, Lilly D.. While waiting for the delivery, Lilly demands her mother buy new accessories for Lilly D. although Jill points out the doll was expensive enough. When Lilly D. is delivered, Lilly then convinces Henry to let her go to a spa with the doll, despite Jill's protests that they can't afford it. She chaperones the trip and is quite mad about it.

Later, Lilly rips her friend Rachel's doll's leg off after an argument during a playdate. Jill apologizes to Rachel's mother and offers money to pay for a new doll for Rachel, but the mother refuses. Jill scolds Lilly over her actions. When her daughter remains indifferent, she takes away Lilly D. as punishment until Lilly's attitude improves. Jill then takes Lilly D. into her room and starts becoming attached to the doll, praising her for being well-behaved.

Later at breakfast, Jill sits at the kitchen table with Lilly D. beside her, looking at new products on the Really You website. Her son, Brandon, wonders why Lilly D. is sitting at the table with them, to which Jill answers that Lilly D. is her guest. Lilly wants her doll back but Jill says she has to be good for a week first. Everyone then leaves the table except Lilly D. and Lilly. A few seconds later, Jill turns at Lilly's scream and finds gravy spilled over her laptop keyboard. She blames Lilly but daughter insists that Lilly D.'s hand moved and knocked the gravy over. Jill believes Lilly is lying and yells at her to go to her room.

Later that night at bedtime, Jill and Henry discuss what happened. Henry believes Lilly is just too embarrassed to tell the truth but Jill disagrees, thinking she did it on purpose due to how much Henry spoiled their daughter over the years. Jill then proceeds to tuck Lilly D. into their bed and becomes annoyed when Henry questions it. Brandon arrives and suggests they should just get rid of the doll but Jill disagrees, as they spent a lot of money on it. She tells Brandon to go to bed and not worry about Lilly. Jill then compliments Lilly D. on the color she's wearing.

The next morning, Jill makes French toast but doesn’t serve any to Lilly. When Lilly asks, Jill hands her an empty plate, giving Lilly D. French toast. When Brandon asks why, Jill claims Lilly D. isn't a "normal doll". Brandon tells Jill she is addicted to it, to which Jill reminds him that Lilly D. is a female doll. When Lilly asks Jill if the doll likes her, Jill says that Lilly D. would if she stopped lying.

Later, Jill comes home from an appointment and finds Bad Girl written on her bedroom wall in black paint. She once again believes Lilly to be responsible because her daughter has the same paint on her hands, although Lilly can't remember why. Jill becomes more upset at her daughter's apparent out-of-control behavior.

Jill gets mad at Brandon after learning her son tried to videotape Lilly D. in her and Henry's bedroom to see if the doll was alive. Brandon wants to how the camera's memory card disappeared during the night but Jill doesn't care and tells him to hand over the video camera. Brandon does, but argues with his mother when Jill starts talking to the doll as if Lilly D. was a person. They are interrupted when Lilly unexpectedly faints. A concerned Jill takes her to see a doctor.

At the hospital, the doctor diagnoses Lilly with a possible virus and recommends she get some rest. When they arrive home, Jill discusses with Henry over the phone about getting Lilly to see a counselor. She then gives Lilly the phone to talk to her dad. As Jill is doing laundry, Lilly tells her mother that she will try hard to be better. Jill is happy to hear it and advises Lilly to lie down. Suddenly, she hears something break and runs upstairs. Jill finds Lilly standing in front of her broken mirror and immediately blames her. Lilly tries to tell her mom that Lilly D. did it but Jill won't listen. Having had enough of Lilly, Jill then takes Lilly D. and admits she wishes the doll was her daughter.

Jill brings Lilly D. back to her room and goes to have a bath while listening to music. When she returns downstairs with "Lilly D.", Jill finds "Lilly" making her a snack, much to her surprise. Later that evening at dinner time, Lilly serves everyone dinner. Jill and Brandon are suspicious of the sudden change in her attitude. When asked by Lilly if she likes her now, Jill is confused but responds, "how could [she] not?" Jill is shocked when Lilly refuses Henry's offer to buy something new for Lilly D. and tells her family she is over dolls.

The next morning while preparing the kids for school, Jill is still unsure of her daughter's behavior. When Lilly hugs her, Jill smells a different scent on her. Lilly asks if Jill loves her but Jill doesn't respond directly and instead tells Lilly she'll be late for school. As Jill is about to take out the trash, she sees Brandon and Josh looking at Lilly D. in the garbage bin. Brandon finds that the birthmark Lilly has on the back of her neck is on the doll. Jill doesn't understand why as they never told the Really You company about Lilly's birthmark. Brandon realizes that Lilly D. is the real Lilly, having been switched with the doll. The real Lilly D. runs and Brandon and Josh chase after her.

Jill saves Lilly from the garbage truck. When Henry comes out, Jill cries over not knowing the fake Lilly wasn't her daughter. She tells her husband that the doll is their real daughter and apologizes to her. Jill tearfully tells Lilly that she loves her. Lilly then hugs her back, now human again, and tells her mom that she loves her as well. Jill is shocked but ecstatic that Lilly is back. She and her family later watch as Lilly D. is seemingly killed by the garbage truck.

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