Jimmy Jeffries
Jimmy Jeffries




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Kreamy Kold Ice Cream

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

C. Ernst Harth

First Appearance

"Catching Cold"

Last Appearance

"Catching Cold"

Jimmy Jeffries is a character in the episode "Catching Cold."


30 years before, Jimmy heard the Kreamy Cold Ice Cream truck and after being left some ice cream began to become addicted to it. One day he finally was able to catch the truck and, according to the mailman, nobody ever saw him again. After he was able to catch the ice cream truck, he learns about the horrible truth that the truck needed a soul to power it and Jimmy was left trapped in the truck for 30 years. 30 years later while still in the truck, he saw a boy named Marty chasing the truck like he had done. One night after Marty finally got the truck, he encountered Jimmy and Jimmy was set free, making Marty the new soul. Jimmy kept repeating "It's all you can eat!" over and over again insanely.


  • The way Jimmy said "It's all you can eat" describable it in 2 ways:
    1. He can have all the ice cream he can eat.
    2. He can only eat ice cream. It stands to reason that the ice-cream truck only has ice-cream and therefor it is all that he can eat.
  • Fans wondered how did Jimmy survive eating nothing but ice cream for 30 years.
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