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Brandon Carbo

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Casey Dubois

First Appearance

"Really You: Part 1"

Last Appearance

"Really You: Part 2"

Josh is one of the main protagonist in the "Really You" episodes.

Josh is Brandon's awkward friend who hates dolls and has a habit of eating a lot.

When strange events happen around Brandon's house, which his little sister Lilly claims her new doll Lilly D. did, Josh is the first person who believed her.

Josh helps Brandon take the doll apart in an attempt to prove whether she is or isn't alive. The two of them discover words written on the back of her head saying Destroy this Doll.

Josh is concerned, but decides to help Brandon solve the mystery of Lilly D. He and Brandon go to the Really You building where they meet the doll maker who tells them that all of the dolls have souls and pleased to be who they are, but Lilly D. who didn't want to be a doll.

Josh and Brandon rush to the house and are confused when things are suddenly normal again.

The next morning Josh waits outside Brandon and Lilly's house to see the discarded doll get destroyed by the garbage truck. After Brandon discovered that Lilly and Lilly D. have switched bodies he orders Josh to chase after the imposter. The chase is cut short after Brandon reunites with the real Lilly and Lilly D. is run over by the garbage truck.

Josh is relieved that the doll is gone, but is unaware that she is still alive.