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Prior to 2011

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Unknown (possibly turned into a robot)

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Matt (Brother)



Behind the Scenes
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Landon Liboiron

First Appearance

"The Perfect Brother"

Last Appearance

"The Perfect Brother"

Josh is the main protagonist in the episode "The Perfect Brother."

Josh's parents (mostly his mother) wanted perfection from his two parents. Josh's mother was disappointed in him "again" for getting straight B's (and a B+) on his report card and realized that his parents were mostly tough on his brother Matt (for getting all A's and a A-).

That Night, Josh woke up with his brother Matt staring at him and told him to go back to sleep.

The Next Day at School, Josh saw Matt fall hard onto the floor and told Mike (his best friend) to get the nurse. In the car Josh's mother said that she would take him home to rest, but Josh wanted Matt to be taking to the hospital. At home Josh overheard his parents saying that "The Experiment Failed", but he was wondering what experiment his parents were talking about. His father said that he would take Matt to the "hospital" and that he would go with them, but his mother told Josh to stay. Josh then picks up the phone and ask's for "Holy Grace Hospital", but then the voice call hangs up. When Josh went to his room he saw his mother going through Matt's clothes and wanted to know where his dad really took him to.

The Next Day, Josh left school early to search up the hospital, but only has the address (not the name of the building) as his friend Mike said that he should stay and wait for his parents, but Josh refuses that option and decides to search the place they took Matt to.

When Josh found Matt, Matt told Josh to leave and had revealed to him that he's a robot and that his body's been tagged for the recycling center and that their parents bought his new operating system. Josh then refused to let that happen, but was caught by the Security Guard and was sent home.

Josh was taken home that night and his parents had revealed that their robots as well, Josh then sees a tall box his parents plan to ship him in, as Josh ran to the back door Mike was there (as he was a robot too) backing Josh into the box as Josh was yelling "I'm your son!" and his mother said that he's not their son and Josh realized that he's the experiment, not Matt.


  • It's possible that he was turned into a robot because his town is full of robots.