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Justine is a counselor at Camp Pine Mountain. She does her best to make sure all the campers have a good time. Ever year for a Pine Mountain tradition, Justine helps the campers make dreamcatchers, circular framed nets with holes in the center that is used to help block bad dreams. She begins to worry when Meg tells Lisa about a tragedy that occurred at Pine Mountain 20 years ago involving the dreamcatchers, when one of the campers died in her sleep after she had nightmares about some sort of boogeyman called The Dream Catcher. She tells Lisa not to worry about the camp legend and she'll be fine as long as she has her dreamcatcher. Two days later when Lisa fell asleep and had a nightmare during a camp fire, Justine believed that the scary stories were the cause of it and decided to stop for the night and sent all the campers to bed.

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