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Kaptain Krazee
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Mike Kovac

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" Afraid of Clowns "

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" Afraid of Clowns "

Kaptain Krazee is a character from Afraid of Clowns. He is the ringmaster of "Kaptain Krazee's Clown Show" and the leader of clowns. Kaptain Krazee was possibly one of the clowns stalking Chris. He had Chris transformed into a clown at his show as a final act. He is portrayed by Mike Kovac.

Events of "Afraid Of Clowns".

Captain Krazee is first seen in a poster after Chris' Father puts it on the table for Chris to see only for Chris to have a flashback due to his phobia.

He generally sends the clowns to stalk Chris and it's implied that the stalkings have been happening since he was a child. Chris even fears that they "know him".

While going home, a 1970 AMC Gremlin starts to follow him eventually Chris realizes this vehicle following him and demands to know what the stalker wants only for a clown to leave the vehicle and says his name and that they're here for him, multiple clowns get out the vehicle.

Chris immediately gets back on his bicycle and rushes to his house with the clowns pursuing him, the pursuers shake off of him and passes his house. He tells his father about the clowns only for his father to doubt his claims.

The next day, Chris travels to the carnival to face his fears, he meets Captain Krazee and Krazee chose him as his volunteer. Chris tries to escape but the clowns capture him and put him in a box with "magical properties".

They turn the box and a jag to transform Chris into a clown, horrified Chris runs backstage to rid of the paint, while attempting to rid the clown paint he discovers that the paint is stuck to his face, Captain Krazee, the clowns and Chris' parents come in behind Chris, Chris' mother and father tell him that they're clowns too and wear human faces to hide from society, confirming Chris' suspicions as now he is a clown too however the last scene leaves much to be debated.