Kreamy Cold Ice Cream truck

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Kreamy Cold Ice Cream Truck




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Ice Cream Truck

Behind the Scenes
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Gerald Paetz (Driver)

First Appearance

Catching Cold

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Catching Cold

The Kreamy Kold Ice Cream truck is a mysterious ice cream truck that is said to be powered by the soul of a person who would do anything to have its ice cream.


The truck design is a big truck with pink/brown/white lines, and 7 big plastic ice cream scoops (one in the front with a happy face on it wearing a hat).  

Ice cream flavors

The Kreamy Kold Ice Cream truck has the 3 basic flavors of the ice cream, such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but these flavors are said to be more delicious than any other ice cream.

Price for the ice cream

While normal ice cream trucks take money for payment, this truck only needs one payment, a soul. It has a mind of its own, but not a soul. When one is able to capture the truck, someone who has been trapped in the truck are set free, but the new person who caught the truck will take their place and be stuck in the truck until someone else captures the truck. Thus perpetuating an endless cycle.

People who have been inside the ice cream truck


  • It is unknown if the Kreamy Kold Ice Cream truck has an unlimited supplies of ice cream or not but the former is likely given the supernatural nature of the truck.
  • It is heavily implied by Jimmy Jeffries that the Kreamy Kold Ice Cream truck uses the soul to not only to power the vehicle but also create the ice cream that Jimmy and Marty ate, hence contributed a part in Jimmy's descent to insanity.
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