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Prior to 2011 (either in 1997 or 1996)







Family Information
Family Members

Mom, Dad, Mark (brother)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Emma Grabinsky

First Appearance

Ghostly Stare

Last Appearance

Ghostly Stare

Lauren is one of the main characters in Ghostly Stare.

Lauren is a teenage girl who always beats her younger brother Mark at a staring contest and thinks that building a mini mall over an old cemetery is wrong and wants to go over to the cemetery one last time to do grave rubbings. Later on she hears a voice going on saying "I'm so cold." thinking that it's Mark trying to play a prank on her. Lauren then heard a yell and approached a grave trying to see if Mark fell into it, but Mark was behind her and they both walked home.

That night, Lauren noticed that Mark woke her up thinking that something was wrong with him until she stared into Mark's eyes and saw a flashing appearance of his skeleton and realized that Mark is a ghost and that her real younger brother was still inside the grave, so Lauren grabbed her jacket and flashlight to find Mark.

At the cemetery, while Lauren was looking for Mark she ran into a female ghost named Alice Claiborne saying that she can help Lauren to find her younger brother and that if Mark is still in the grave until dawn then he'll be dead (permanently). Alice then tries to trick Lauren into falling into her grave, but failed and then Lauren is surrounded by other ghosts (the wormy ghost and the headless ghost). As Lauren tries to run from the ghosts she accidentally fell into a coffin.

When dawn almost arrived, Lauren woke up in a rush looking for Mark still, but was still surrounded by Alice and the other ghosts telling them that sometimes change is hard and they have to get used to it. With that the ghosts vanished and Lauren heard Mark's voice (meaning that he's out of the grave). After a short game of "Marco, Polo" Lauren then accidentally fell into a grave as soon as dawn approach.

In the end, it was unknown to Mark that his older sister Lauren is a ghost and the real Lauren is dead.

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