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Lilly Carbo
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Family Information
Family Members

Jill Carbo (Mother)
Henry Carbo (Father)
Brandon Carbo (Brother)



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Bailee Madison (as human)
Puppetry (as a doll)

First Appearance

Really You, Part 1

Last Appearance

Really You, Part 2

Lilly Carbo is the main protagonist in the season 1 episodes Really You Part 1 and Really You Part 2. She is portrayed by Bailee Madison.

Really You

At first, Lilly is an overindulged young girl who always gets what she wants, since she has a "gift" for manipulating her dad, Henry. Her mother, Jill, and older brother, Brandon, are often frustrated by Lilly, as they fear she is spoiled and in need of self-control.

Things begin to change when "Lilly D." (The "D" being short for "Deluxe"), a life-sized "Really You" doll, is purchased for the precocious tween. Lilly initially adores the doll, wanting more accessories for and trips with it. During a play date, her friend Rachel claims that her doll learned that "Lilly D. doesn't like [Lilly]." Refusing to believe this, Lilly angrily breaks Rachel's doll. Jill confiscates Lilly D. as punishment.

Soon after, random "accidents" targeting Jill begin to happen, which Lilly is quick to blame "Lilly D." for, realizing her friend might be right. As the incidents increase in severity, Jill scolds Lilly for them, dismissing her claims and becoming closer to Lilly D. in the process. Lilly's brother and his friend, Josh, begin to suspect that Lilly D. is "more than just a doll" when Brandon's attempts at investigating Lilly D. fail.

Eventually, Brandon and Josh learn the truth about "Lilly D."; she is trying to replace her "human doppelgänger", as Lilly D. is "evil and she wants to be human", according to the doll maker who created her. However, the woman was ignored when she told the "Really You" company to destroy the doll.

Overtime, Lilly feels increasingly weak and falls ill, for no apparent reason. After a trip to the doctor, Lilly talks to her father and learns her parents are considering having her see a counselor. In tears, Lilly promises to her mother she will try to be a good girl. Just then, "Lilly D." reveals to Lilly she is alive by smashing her vanity table mirror in front of her. Lilly's terrified protests to Jill are ignored once again. As her mother walks away carrying Lilly D., she remarks, "I wish Lilly D. was my daughter, instead of you", before going to the bathroom, much to Lilly's distress.

Lilly soon starts going through a transformation, in which she is becoming Lilly D. herself. Lilly tries to alert her mother but fails. Now almost completely a doll, she watches with one human eye as Lily D. becomes her. Lilly D. taunts if she gets Jill's love, she will be human forever. She then closes Lilly's eye and she is now passed off as "Lily D.". Lilly D. confirms to Lilly, as an afterthought; "I always hated you."

The "new Lilly" is a total reversal, being sickeningly sweet, helpful, and polite. During dinner that evening, she is praised for her new, unselfish behavior. Lilly sheds a tear, which Lilly D. quickly wipes away before anyone could see. After dinner, Lilly D. plans to get rid of Lilly for good by throwing her in the trash container, to remove her from the picture.

However, Lilly D's scheme begins to unravel the next morning as Brandon discovers the switch; he and Jill notice Lilly's birthmark on her doll form, which couldn't have been designed by "Really You". Brandon saves Lilly and chases after Lilly D. while Jill hugs her daughter. Jill apologizes to Lilly and realizes she should have never loved Lily D. more than her own daughter. Jill tells Lilly she loves her and Lilly is restored to her human form, telling her mother she loves her too.

As Lilly reunites with Brandon, Lily D. turns back into a doll. Lilly, her family, and Josh watch as Lilly D. is seemingly killed by a garbage truck.

Physical Appearance

Lilly has olive skin, light brown hair down in loosed curls on middles and ends, and brown eyes. She wears a dark blue denim jacket with a pale white sweater and a red, green, black, and blue checkered flannel blouse that covers the middle of in between her jacket and her undershirt (her sweater). She is not as tall as the other main protagonists, so is the shortest than the other kids especially the adults in this series. She is also the youngest of the series.