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Lisa is the main character in the episode "Dreamcatcher". She is portrayed by Kerris Dorsey


Lisa is staying at Camp Pine Mountain for the summer and is very nervous about it. Lisa has a good first day due to becoming friends with a very kind girl named Amelia and proving herself to be a good camper. However, a nasty girl named Meg constantly starts torturing her out of jealousy because she used to be Amelia's friend.

For a Pine Mountain tradition, Lisa makes a dreamcatcher, a circular framed net with a hole in the center that is used to help block nightmares. While everyone else is asleep Meg tells Lisa about a tragedy that occurred at Pine Mountain 20 years ago involving the dreamcatchers, when one of the campers died in her sleep after she had nightmares about some sort of boogeyman called The Dream Catcher. The camp counselor Justine tells Lisa not to worry about the camp legend and she'll be fine as long as she has her dreamcatcher. Afterwards, Lisa has a nightmare where she was attacked by an evil spider guy. During a hike, Amelia revealed that she had the very same nightmare.

Soon, Lisa and Amelia find out that the cause of their nightmare was Meg cutting their dreamcatchers. Later, they decide to stop sleeping completely in order to prevent their nightmares. Lisa cuts Meg's dreamcatcher to get back at her for putting her and Amelia through so much.

Later that night, The Dream Catcher showed himself to Lisa and kidnapped Amelia who fell asleep. Lisa tried to save Amelia but she was awoken by Meg who heard her screaming. Lisa hears Amelia screaming in the cave and finds her trapped in a giant spider-web. She tries to free her but both of them get stuck. Meg comes and takes Lisa's flashlight leaving her and Amelia to die, but she too gets stuck. Lisa's alarm clock goes off, saving her and Amelia, leaving Meg (who couldn't get up because she slept in the camp Mess Hall and couldn't hear the alarm) to get eaten by The Dream Catcher.