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Eve (At First)

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Brenna O'Brien

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" Intruders "

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" Intruders "

 Lyria is the main antagonist in the episode "Intruders".

Lyria is a fairy who brings dancing lights and enchantments into the forest near where Eve lives at. Lyria met Eve and explained to her that she's a fairy and has magical powers. After Eve was enjoying her life as a fairy Lyria needed one request from Eve before she can become a full member of the fairy family, Lyria wanted Eve to give up her baby brother as sacrifice (unknown to what she'll do to him). Later on Lyria was tricked into touching iron (a poison to fairies) and was forced to let Eve keep her baby brother, but for Eve's betrayal the forest will now be filled with only danger and swore to Eve that she'll rue the day. At the end menacing red glowing eyes came out of the forest and began to approach Eve's house.

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