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Major Mayhem
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Prior to 2011





Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Brandon Jay McLaren

First Appearance

"Game Over"

Last Appearance

"Game Over"

Major Mayhem is the main antagonist in the episode Game Over.

Major Mayhem also known as the Game Master has been trapped and imprisoned in a mysterious video game called Zee Town for a long time. From there, he has been waiting a long time to find somebody who could beat him and set him free.

Mayhem sets up a tournament in which the top gamer battle against him. The video game players who fell for his trap were Kelly and his friends Gooch, Sean, and Mika. He finally escapes the game when he is defeated by Kelly, who is now trapped and imprisoned in the game as the new Game Master until he finds somebody who could beat him. This is a reason why he want to lose to Kelly like that on purpose so he can get out of this curse and make Kelly the new host of the game.


  • His origin is unknown, so it isn't really clear how he ended up trapped and imprisoned in the game in the first place.