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Swarmin' Norman

Manny is the true main protagonist of the season 2 episode "Swarmin' Norman".


He is first seen as a normal gray mantis who has the power to command other insects until he is found by a human boy named Norman, a boy who loves insects. At Norman's house, Manny befriends him and starts helping him get revenge on Tyler, who hates insects. In the school bathroom, Manny orders the insects to attack Tyler. Norman spares Tyler and forces him to be given a wedgie. He also threatens to squish him like a bug. Norman then shows it by squishing a bug while Manny looks on in shock. He and the bugs start watching Norman.

At Norman's house, they once again start watching him but Norman betrays them by becoming verbally and physically abusive towards them and orders them to leave, claiming he doesn't need them anymore. Manny, who is heartbroken and doesn't like Norman anymore, angrily orders the insects to attack him. Norman tries to block every hole in the house so they won't get in but forgets one hole which the bugs take advantage of. Then they swarm the room and cover Norman's body, killing him. Then a quote from Norman's teacher is heard before Norman lets out a scream and the screen turns black, ending the episode.


  • He is based on Ben the rat from the 1970's horror film Willard. Both of them are small creatures that befriend a human (Norman and Willard). Both of them harm bullies that pick on their masters. However at the end, they are betrayed but get revenge.